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by Osama Radi Nike Air Max 90 Leather Vypredaj , Omer Othmani

RAMALLAH, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- The tension between Israel and the Palestinians in the city of Jerusalem has been growing over the past several weeks, rings bell for a comprehensive religious war in the entire region, according to analysts and observers.

They warned that if this ongoing tension is not immediately surrounded Nike Air Max 90 Essential Vypredaj , there will be an explosion in the Palestinian territories and in the entire region in general, leading to a status of opened violent confrontations between Israel and the Palestinians.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's recent efforts have failed to put an end to the growing tension in Jerusalem, despite an Israeli-Jordanian deal to defuse the tension in the holy city.

On Monday, Israeli police announced that a body of a Palestinian bus driver Nike Air Max 90 Glow Vypredaj , who is a resident of east Jerusalem, was found hanged in an Israeli bus in the western part of the city. The Palestinian side has directly accused radical Jewish groups of killing the 32-year-old Palestinian man.

The death of the bus driver came shortly after the Israeli police announced on Sunday night that a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli civilian in the Damascus Gate of the old city in east Jerusalem. The attacker escaped and the Israeli was moderately wounded, according to the police statement.

Earlier this week, clashes between Palestinian worshippers and Israeli police forces renewed near al-Aqsa Mosque in east Jerusalem Nike Air Max 90 Damske Vypredaj , as the former was in protest to closing the mosque and allowing radical Jewish activists to enter its court. The mosque is the first shrine and the third mosque for Muslims all over the world.

All those developments have made Kerry's hopes to defuse tension vanishing. The deal, which was reached in Jordan and directly sponsored by Kerry, aimed at calming down the situation in the city and preventing further deterioration.

The Palestinians have immediately accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of regretting his commitments to Jordan's King Abdullah and to Kerry. The Palestinians said the situation in Jerusalem ""is serious amid the endless ongoing Israeli measures and practices in the holy city.""

Mahmoud al-Habbash, an aide for religious affairs to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Nike Air Max 90 Panske Vypredaj , told Xinhua that as long as Israel keeps imposing restrictions on Palestinian worshippers to enter al-Aqsa Mosque for prayers, he does not ""think that tension will be defused in the city.""

""Israel on purpose violates all the international treaties, mainly the ones which were reached in 1967 concerning the freedom of Muslims and Christians for prayers and worshipping,"" al-Habbash said. ""Israel wants to divide the mosque and such an action would be rejected by the Muslims in the world.""

Over the past two weeks Nike Air Max 90 Premium Vypredaj , several attacks of driving cars over Israeli pedestrians and stabbing them by knives were carried out by individuals. The Palestinians said these attacks ""are a reaction to the growing Israeli policy and assaults on Jerusalem and on al-Aqsa Mosque.""

Hassan Abdo, a Gaza-based political analyst closed to Islamic groups, told Xinhua that ""what happens in the West Bank, in Jerusalem and in Palestine in general is spontaneous and popular reactions that are not organized and these reactions are all done alone by individuals.""

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