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HS type road asphalt recycling machine, is the liquefied gas and air in accordance with a certain proportion of mixed, the new alloy fiber material surface combustion, combustion of most of the heat generated into infrared and heating asphalt pavement efficient equipment. HS road self-adhesive seam, is based on matrix asphalt as raw materials to SBS, polymer rubber modified materials, made by the scientific process can be curled sheet material. The seam with a thickness of about 1.5 or so, width 5cm, 8cm can also be customized according to customer requirements. Can be widely used asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement, parking lot, sports venues, wharf handling and so on.Double Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

 Features: The seam sewing with a simple operation, a stick can be; construction speed, do not need to slot and heating, clean and can be paving; quality and reliable, repair cracks, neat edges, beautiful and durable.
 Function Description: HS road self-adhesive seam, mainly used to deal with various forms of road cracks. When used to remove the release of paper directly on the road cracks in the cracks, not only can play a seal, but also to prevent the spread of cracks in the road. In addition, the product can effectively prevent the seepage of the underlying structure and roadbed damage, delay the road life.
 Construction precautions: with a hair dryer, the cracks on both sides of the road within 20cm clean road; if attached to the water clean, keep the grassroots clean, dry; peel off the separation of paper, paving directly in the cracks; Air pressure in the seam between the road surface and the formation of bubbles, with a rubber scraper, the seam with a compaction. Storage and transportation should avoid sun and rain, avoid contact with fire, away from high temperature, storage temperature ≤ 35 ℃.
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