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Stationery items are no longer just a necessity. They are attractive Zach Hyman Youth Jersey , have a self-defined aura and superb for making a style statement. A simple pen, a notebook or a pencil and sharper could be enough as a necessity but definitely won’t be enough if you want them to look good. If you go to a stationery shop, you won’t be attracted to the mundane pencils and sharpers but what would definitely catch your attention is an attractive cover page of a note book, an automatic sharper etc. Cavallini & Co. are one of the biggest producers of stationery items. Their products are suitable for everyday use, as gift items and for businesses too.

Today stationery items are also used as luxurious items. The designs, the uniqueness and the vintage quality to these products are seeing many eager buyers. In fact it is not just women you yearn for these stationery items anymore but men have also shown an increasing interest in collecting the best items. Cavallini & Co are one of the favorites among all buyers.

Why Go For Luxury Stationery Items

• Convenient: One of the main reasons why we buy stationeries is because they are very convenient. Cavallini stationery items are no different. The wide range of high quality products is suitable for every kind of office or personal use. You can get yourself a petite notebook, a post card, pencils and much more and conveniently use it on various occasions.

• Looks Great: breaking the norm of decking up your office or home work table with the conventional items, the art deco Cavallini stationery items looks great. A glamorous pen, a digital table clock or an automatic sharper are not only great to use but also look great on their own. These good looking items can attract anyone and everyone of their own.

• Great for Gifts: For ages a pen has been considered to be the best graduating gift. You can still continue the same tradition but Cavallini lets you go innovative and helps you team up the simple pen with host of other stationery products. A petite notebook works great if you want to jot down sentiments for someone special, a small notebook is the perfect gift for a student while collecting Cavallini post cards is a delight no one can refuse.

• Great for Home Decoration: If you are one of those many who looks to coordinate everything in the room, the Cavallini range of products is the perfect thing you as you can get great designs, usability under the same brand. Even if you do not use them, it does add to the ambience of the home interior and something worth investing a small amount on.

The art deco Cavallini stationery items are a rage in the market today. Their popularity has reached newer heights thanks to several online stores also selling Cavallini stationery items. Rocking Pony, one of the emerging online stores for gift items has an entire section dedicated to Cavallini items and you can easily check out the wide range directly in this page: http:www.rockingpony.cogiftsstationery_shop. From post cards to craft rubber stamps and fridge magnets, the range is exclusive and unique.
FUZHOU, China, June 15 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Liu Haixiang and his crew announced on Monday that they plan to ride along Marco Polo's oriental journey from Italy to China.

The 18,000-kilometer ride, which is named as the Journey of Silk Road Dream and expected to take one year, is scheduled to start in August and pass through 30 cities of 17 countries and regions in Asia and Europe.

Some 700 years ago, 17-year-old Italian Marco Polo started his long journey from Venice, crossed the entire Eurasian continent and arrived in Beijing four years later.

Marco Polo lived in China for 17 years and left Quanzhou, a coastal city in southeast China's Fujian Province, for home. His remarks and memories of China were recorded in the book - the Travels of Marco Polo.

The 32-year-old Liu, an avid fan of cycling from Quanzhou where Marco Polo reportedly launched his Maritime Silk Road journey for home, told Xinhua that he dreams to follow - on two wheels - the Marco Polo's land road that featured desert, Gobi and other tough landform.

Liu, a travel photographer and outdoor sports veteran, said his team had already spent nine months on preparation for the journey.

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